International Seminar on the Usage of AIS and Vessel Movement Data for Logistics Research and Industry

In recent years, the AIS (automatic vessel identification system) data has been used for maritime logistics analysis and shipping market analysis, although it is originally applied to avoid collision between ships and detect suspicious ships. In this international seminar, we invite the researchers and business persons for giving presentations and a panel discussion to understand the current status on the usage of AIS and other vessel movement data from the viewpoints of logistics and shipping economy in Japan and overseas. Through the presentations and discussions, we will prospect the future use of maritime logistics big data such as the AIS in the fields of logistics, shipping and shipbuilding.

Date: December 18, 2019 (Wed) 13:30 – 17:40

Venue: Room No.423 and 424, 4th floor of Eng. Bldg. No. 3, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo

Host organizers: Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE), Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics (JSLSE), the University of Tokyo, Hiroshima University,

Tentative Program:

Part 1: Keynote Presentations (Moderator: Prof. Yujiro Wada, Hiroshima Univ.)

13:30-13:40 Opening Address (Prof. Aoyama, Univ. of Tokyo)

13:40-14:20 “Still looking for the holy grail: The ups and downs of AIS-based research”

Prof. Roar Adland (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)

14:20-15:00 “Improving Bulk Shipping Efficiency with Individual Ship Position Data”

Prof. Dong Yang (Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.)

15:00-15:25 “Port-based estimation of global shipping pattern of dry bulk and tanker cargo by AIS and vessel movement database and its application”

Prof. Ryuichi Shibasaki (Univ. of Tokyo)

15:25-15:50 “Regional Disintegration in South Asia: Evidence from the end of the British Empire on Maritime Networks”

Dr. Kenmei Tsubota (Institute of Developing Economies)


15:50-16:10 Coffee break and preparation for panel discussion


Part 2: Panel discussion (16:10-17:30)

Moderator: Prof. Ryuichi Shibasaki

Panelists: Prof. Roar Adland

Prof. Dong Yang

Prof. Bai Xiwen (Tsinghua University)

Mr. Ryuji Iwasa (MOL)

Mr. Yoshihiko Maeda (Monohakobi Technology Institute: NYK Group)

Prof. Yujiro Wada

  • Introduction how the AIS data is used from the logistics viewpoint (10 min for each panelist who does not give any presentations in the keynote session)
  • Comments from foreign guests
  • Q&A with audience

17:30-17:40 Closing remarks (Prof. Masato Shinohara, Univ. of Fukuchiyama)


18:00-20:00 Dinner Reception (near the campus)